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10-06-2013, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
You are wrong, it WAS only off-ice issues that led to BOTH Carter and Richards being traded simultaneously. To sign a goalie, they only needed to deal ONE of them. They decided to move them both, and did it cloak & dagger style, simultaneously, to avoid either of their trading partners asking too many questions about the off-ice habits of the star players.

That they went on to win a Cup as 2nd line players is irrelevant. The Flyers realized they were never going to win with them as 1st line players.

It was nothing about the cap or the money, it was that they fired Stevens because he let them get away with partying too much. Lavy came in and, in an indirect way to try and make it a 'team' thing, started the Dry Island idea. How 'bout this boys, let's see if we can go a month without drinking and see if that helps us get back in the race? Captain's reply: FU. Homer's reaction: Buh-bye.
Trading only one of them doesn't fill the other roster slots, and there isn't enough cap space to do it while signing Bryz. Simple math confirmed this well before the trades, which is why people were looking at Briere and/or Hartnell as potential trade bait in addition to Carter.

Everything you have posted here is wild speculation. You need to stop feeding on the slop that TMZ hack Timmeh pours in the media trough. Like I said, the hard facts of the roster, prospect pool situation, and cap situation are a lot more convincing than rumors spread by a media that disliked those players and found it easier to write a gossip column than do actual hockey analysis.

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