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10-06-2013, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Akanon View Post
I will be extremely disappointed if they decide to trade Couturier. His potential is just so valuable to this team and its future.
I love the Lecav signing... but that is the big downside of it.

Couturier, unless he pushes Lecav to the wing, maybe next year, (which with Lavi here/the minutes Couts plays now will not happen) is not going to have a break out offensively... well, at least a break out for more than 40ish points, as he is behind two other centres, even with less zone starts and more PP time it is still a big ask for him to get more than 40 points as a 3C.

I know that we always want to win now, and I like that, but maybe it would have been better to sign someone like Boyd Gordon to replace Couts at 3C, and someone like Brunner for 3LW with that money instead. (+ have a lot more cap room) And then see if Couts could handle 2C.

Gordon would put up 20-25 points, and Brunner (on our 3LW) would put up probably 30-40 (if Talbot took some of the own zone starts with someone like Gordon.)

And then hope Couts could get 50 points playing on the 2nd... considering Schenn paced for 46 last year I think that is entirely possible.


This is all silly speculation and hindsight... but so long as Schenn and Couts had decent seasons on the 2nd (~50 points) we would lose 15 points from Lecavalier... and probably gain 15 points from Brunner... while being more defensively sound. Effectively a worse 2nd giving players time to develop, but a better 3rd and 4th, for a more rounded team. We would still have 7 proven 40 point scorers in the lineup, and give Couts the chance to be one too. It would have been a risk, nut the upside would be awesome if it came off. Ofc this is all more complex than simple addition and subtraction of points though.

Ofc... we may just move Lecav to the wing next year after giving Couts one more year to show he can get ~35 with the minutes he has. Which could also work perfectly and give Couts the perfect chance to show what he can do with one more year under his belt.

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