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Originally Posted by Osteonis View Post
Like others have already said, there seems to be a major lack of leadership here, you would think a kid given exceptional status would be dominating coming into his third season in the OHL. But I'm not seeing it. A kid with his size and skill should be able to get in and dig deep and make a difference. Yet he seems to coast, defensively he is under performing, however not much can be said for the remainder of the defensive core as well. The reluctance to go into corners and fight for the puck is frustrating to watch. The lack of speed, and coverage in the defensive zone is terrible, making it harder for the goalies to focus on the puck when opposing teams are free to roam around in front of our net.

With the goalies, I think it's time to make a decision, get rid of one, pick a starter, and move forward. Top candidate for that role would be Blackwood, he's young, quick and makes big saves in a clinch, yeah there may be some soft goals here and there, but Blackwood does not consistently let those in as much as the other two. Watch the replays on a lot of goals, and I will have you re-read the previous statement about our defensive zone coverage. Blackwood is our guy and the colts need to focus in that direction.

Offensively, well not much happening there at all, blind passes, lack of shots, lack of effort. Enough said there.

My last point is the fact that other teams are walking all over us, and no one has been standing up to them or defending their teammates. Case in point, when Kreis was hit from behind, not one player stepped up, that should have automatically created a strong response, yet there was none. The game in Mississauga on Friday, Blackwood makes a save and a Mississauga player snows him, and not one person stepped up. That player should have taken a seat on the ice. We have no Grit. It will be a welcome return when Rymarchuk comes back, but a team should not rely on one player to take care of them when the other teams are bullying you.

The colts are looking like a team in rebuilding mode, if that's the case get on it, you have some great talent in a few of our rookies, Blackwood, is going to be a major force between the pipes,but he needs to see more ice time than he has so far this year and the goalies in general just need to know what is going on.

You try playing with Webster and it see if hurts your game. There's no way Webster should be playing with Ekblad or anywhere on top 4. Ekblad is just fine. He or his leadership is far from what the problem is.
Goaltending has to be better, no doubt. Fotinos has struggled. Gibl wasn't very good in his first game. Blackwood needs some time. I think he'll be a good goalie, but not sure he's ready to carry the load for a team that wants to make some noise this season.
Sitting MacDonald last night is ridiculous. I'm not sure what is happening there, but it's obvious Dale doesn't like him. I'm afraid they are going to dump him for nothing and he's going to go light it up elsewhere. Just like he did with Smoskowitz.
Why is Fawcett getting more ice time than anyone on this team? He is not a first or second line centre in the OHL, nevermind playing the point on the power play. He can't shoot. Then you have him take a penalty shot that he muffed on so bad that Martin looked like he had him read before he took the puck.
Why is Corson playing ahead of Scott or any of the rookies? He's another one who is taking ice time away from more talented players.
How can Fawcett get more ice time than Lemieux. Lemieux is going to be a first or second round pick. Fawcett has nowhere near the size, talent or grit that Brendan brings, yet Lemieux until last night was on the third line and Fawcett was on the first or second line and playing the power play.
James, Mangiapane and Kreis looked good together. Scott gets no ice time. How do you expect him to produce when he doesn't play.
This team has too much talent not to contend in East. Address your goaltending needs, add some grit and play your best players and this team can have another long run in the playoffs.

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