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Originally Posted by Flyerfan4life View Post
Canes are plugging up the neutral zone and trapping us, just like every other team..

i knew they'd employ this tactic when they got up in goals..

it works.. get a lead, then sit back and protect it.. i HATE that system but its actualy working against us..

how ****ing sad...
There are quite a few ways to beat it as well. That is the most annoying thing. Most other teams in the NHL manage it:

Dump and chase intelligently with a fast, aggressive forecheck, hit D men... forces D to move wider to play this, so more space through the middle. Also tires their d men. That is what the Bruins and Chicago do.

Or look for disciplined openings, a la Detroit, and don't force it. Frustrate and tire forechecker without being irresponsible. Move along the line and get to the boards.

Or stretch your opposite winger over the ice so another man has to drop and follow them. Not perfect but gives more room.

When I have watched the Blues they have sometimes done all three to keep the opponent guessing... eventually they have to stop playing it fully, as they will give a 1 on 1 at some point due to only one man back once you beat the 3 across.

The most annoying thing is, we beat the first man in on the trap most of the time... if you beat him there is no reason you should not be able to beat the trap, get in the zone.

I make no pretension at being a hockey guru... in fact I am not amazingly tactically aware at all. But I have eyes in my head that I can see with when I watch other teams.

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