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11-30-2006, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by QBOSS View Post
Just as a heads up, for those of you that advocate strengthening the hamstrings...the likely scenario is that the hamstrings are too "tight" (that term is used loosely). Consequently, the Glutes are shut off or too "weak" and therefore comprimising the lower back...

So for most hockey players, because the ideal is to skate from the hips and not the knees its important to address hip mobility, flexibility, and muscle synchrony.....

Thus good range of motion in the hips should be sought. As well as adequate glute strength (in relation to the hammys), and proper firing of the corresponding hipflexor and extensor groups.

Oh and xnay on the static stretching before the games...spend the time doing pendulum swings for your hips, jogging a few minutes, and waking up your neural fibers (ask MikeD)

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