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10-06-2013, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by kolankosf View Post
Ditto. I always though that I was shooting alright, but as I shot more on the ice, an got some feedback from teammates, I found out I wasn't loading my stick as much as I thought. Also, I was more or less flipping the puck at the net by starting myshot infront of me, instead of starting with the puck a bit behind me.

It's not a laser, but it's a fairly decent shot now (says my buddy who plays goalie) and I know I can pretty much put it where I want it... the tricky thing for me now is slapshots
Your slap shot issue may be the same as you had with the wrist shot before. Most people play the puck too far forward. Play it on the back foot side of halfway in your stance and try and hit the ice an inch or two behind the puck to load flex in your stick. Your follow through is more important than your windup. You can windup between waist and shoulder height and still have plenty of power. Your follow through will determine your accuracy. And I don't recommend taking slap shots that go higher than knee height. You will rarely score on a clean slap shot unless you have a cannon for a shot so provide your teammates with rebounds and deflection chances.

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