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10-06-2013, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by alphafox View Post
There are a few issues with that assessment of his value.

1st is the fact that we would be hypothetically dealing with a Gaborik who is having a significantly better year than his final year in NY, which would be a major increase in value. 2nd Gaborik's value was also heavily influenced by his feud with Torts which brought down the value of that was sent to NY. Finally, IMO the hit to value to a team chasing the cup of not having the player singed long term (particularly when they get exclusive time to negotiate a contract) is not that great because you pay whatever premium you have to too load up for a cup run.

I'll concede that my valuations are off, possibly by a large margin, and if they are I have to rescind my previous statement that Gaborik will be traded regardless. I don't see the Jackets moving Gaborik without returning an elite level player or a player with elite potential as that is the glaring hole in their team at this point.

Also I think you're underestimating the package that was sent to NY for Gaborik. Moore (a rising star on the blue line) and Brassard are two very gifted young players (though Brass never put it together for the CBJ) and Dorsett is the sort of sandpaper guy that NY was missing at the time having lost Prust to the Canadiens.
I'm a Rangers fan. I'm not underestimating those guys at all. I actually think CBJ overpaid for him, even though he is a fantastic player.

Gaborik's value is not going to increase for a team that's going to be getting him for 30 games vs a team who got him for a full season and a half of another one regardless of the goals he puts up during the first half of this year.

I don't believe there is anyway that an elite player will be returned for Gaborik. Specifically, since I don't see him as an elite overall player, but rather as an elite goal scorer. He's not a guy that carries an offense, he's one that can help in leading it.

And the Rangers certainly didn't HAVE to trade Gaborik like you make it seem. It wasn't even remotely similar to the Nash debacle that you guys faced with Howson, where he narrowed it down to like 5 teams and only one was really pushing for him...the Rangers.

Gaborik had less of a NMC and the Rangers moved him because they felt the return they got was better for the team. Torts had "issues" with Gaborik, but it wasn't comparable to Heatley problem or anything like that.

The NY media did what it does best and blew it out of proportion and fans are still clinging to that. Gaborik may not have been a torts type of player, but he bought into his system and torts admitted, numerous times, how proud he was of Gaborik and how important a player he was.

His being traded really didn't have as much to do with torts as it did with future cap issues (re-signing Hagelin and Stepan this year and Henrik, Cally and Girardi next year). He was going to have to be let go eventually, after the Nash acquisition. But they could have waited until this year to deal with that.

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