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10-06-2013, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
I do not get the Sutter hate. He is a kid, 24 years old right? Defensive wiz, and can eventually grow some sandpaper to his game. But even if he does not, he still has great value, solely in that role, 3rd line center. Once fully developed he should be almost ideal in that role, and should sign very reasonably.

We certainly do not need scoring for him, we lap almost every other team each year handily outscoring the lot of them.
I'll challenge the defensive wiz notion. It really fell apart late last season. He's young, yes. But right now I cannot tell you what his role is here. Guys like Talbot had more of a role here than Sutter does right now.

I'm not hating him, but I'm holding his standard a little higher. I watched his d-game look average late last season. I see him get out muscled out of everything. If he stays this way, he serves no purpose to the team.

But please... take what i'm saying with a grain of salt. I'm just bringing the discussion up. I love the kid's game. It just looks lost right now. I feel that HE feels he has no identity to this team. He needs to take it over.

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