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Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
Speak for yourself and not others, its a preference thing some people like offensive defencmen and others like defensive studs. To me, I can't stand offensive defencemen (guys like Karlasson) who try to act like the 4th forward out there, drives me nuts.

IMO your job as a defencmen is two fold a) seperate the oppostion from the puck b) get the puck up to the forwards so THEY can go on the attack. Again IMO the defensmen's job is to not score goals or join the rush at every turn but to actually defend. I'm all for defensmen being in the offensive zone when there's a powerplay or if the team is trailing late in the game and despertely needs a goal.... other then that I feel they shouldnt be venturing into the other teams zone.
Me: Leaf fans don't seem to like this type of player.
You: Speak for yourself... I don't like that type of player.

Um, alright then.

It seems we have a different philosophy on this. A defenseman's job is to defend, sure, but there's a lot of other things you need from them to be a successful team. While a guy like Fraser fills his role fairly admirably, when Gardiner was on his game in the playoffs, it was no comparison, IMO. Similarly, guys like Phaneuf and Franson will make mistakes from taking risks offensively from time to time but overall, they're mostly solid and they also have the ability to change the outcome of a game - see Franson mess up in the playoffs vs Boston and later redeeming himself with the big goal. I'm in no way suggesting that you should just ice a team full of Mike Greens and that's all you need. But I'm definitely suggesting that a defenseman who can move the puck up the ice quickly and control the game offensively is a really valuable asset and I think this type of player goes unappreciated a little too often in this city.

When I watch the games, I see Fraser make plenty of mistakes but they're mostly the result of his limitations as a player. I think people seem to be more willing to forgive these or they're talked about less than when a skilled player makes a mistake from pinching in or trying to create offensively.

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