Thread: TSN 1260: What's Going On? Part 4
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10-07-2013, 06:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Horseradish View Post
Maybe he's way more uncritical on the air, but LT's blog is hardly a gusher about the Oilers.

And it's a nice mix of well-organized "every man"-type thoughts and assessments alongside statistical analysis. He's not quite Jonathan Willis good, but he's close.

Anybody who outright dismisses statistical analysis is either unintelligent or stubborn-to-the-point of stupid. I can understand that it could be dry at times if you don't understand it, but take 5 minutes to learn the basics behind advanced stats and it'll be more useful and insightful than anything an "I saw him real good" kind of analysis could ever hope to be.

I don't understand the anti-stats folks. Make no sense to me. Who do you consult when wondering what the weather will be like tomorrow? A meteorological service (which, like statistical analysis, has room for error but is generally somewhat correct...the equivalent of Bowman, Neilson, or Babcock) or the old man down the street on his porch with a wonky knee and a twitchy eye (...which, for hockey purposes, is basically Don Cherry and Glenn Healy).
There's a huge difference in watching someone perform in a certain situation, ie making a bad play but not determining who you play with or against which is a huge variable that can't be computed, Which have a major factor in what a players "stats" have to say about there game.

It is very unfair and look back at the situation that there coach, inevitably, put them and the "mathematically" decide if they succeeded or not. We have no clue of what there coach told them before the shift, ie "dump it every time and go lay a lick on someone"

The mathematical analysis of an almost strategical and emotional game has confused for a while.

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