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Originally Posted by Jacko95 View Post
Impressive work Maverik.

Let's hope some of them make it into the draft.

There seem to be a few that are crushing the Schüler-BL again, are they compareble in terms of talent level than previous players that did so (Kahun, Rieder, Draisaitl,...). Of course Draisaitl is in his own world, but for compared tothe rest..

THe guys I am refering to are:
Tobias Eder
Christoph Kiefersauer
Neal Samanski
Rico Rossi
Pascal Grosse

And for the DNL:
Ilya Sharipov
Jakob Mayenschein
I don't think any of these kids are really gonna come close to Draisaitl, Kahun or Rieder (statistically). What these 3 did at that level will probably not be repeated by anyone anytime soon.

Since I have not seen them play, I cannot comment on their skills or talent.
But I believe that Tobias Eder is the most promising of the lot. But this is just a hunch based on past numbers both in league play and international play. So don't put too much stock in it.

Eder comes from an interesting family, as far as hockey is concerned. His brother Andreas is playing in the WHL, and his cousin and teammate Michael Grabmaier seems also to be a rather talented young player.

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