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10-07-2013, 08:00 AM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
The poster said he's been the best defenseman for us the first two games but didn't say he was a better player than Weber at this point. That's what I took from it.

Jones looked a little shaky in the first period against St. Louis but once he and Ekholm both settled down, they were solid. Then all of a sudden once he realized he did belong here, he started picking up his game and by the third he looked like he was comfortable out there. In Colorado he looked solid as well. Anyway we look at it, he's as solid a player at his age as I've seen come through our team, period.

As far as his physicality goes, he took a few big hits and I did notice him hitting a few guys as well. He was more physical than I expected. Remember, he's 6'4" but only 205 at this point. Let him put on the natural body weight that comes with age and maturity and he should be in the 215-220 range, much like Pronger was. You don't want him getting too big as he'll lose some of his speed but as he said in an interview in the offseason, Lidstrom wasn't overly physical and he had a pretty decent career. I like a physical defender as much as anyone out there but I love a defender that can play cerebral hockey and get the puck away from people by using his brain, positioning and skill set, that is what made a guy like Lidstrom so special. Guys who can check like Weber are special as well but Jones will be a different player in the end.

I think Jones has a mentality that many of us have never seen. I really believe he takes each game as a challenge and wants to be the best player out on the ice in addition to being a leader for his team. It's not something that I can say, he did this or that, it's just his demeanor on the ice and the way I see him trying to get better every shift. That is drive and maybe it rubs off on some of the other younger guys.
I thought the exact same thing.

If his first to games, at 19 years and then 19 years and one day old are any indication, he's going to be an absolute cornerstone for years to come. It's almost unfair

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