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Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
Not sure how that's relevant to the statement that many people will be injured in the case of an emergency. Have you actually been in the upper concourse during an intermission? There are far more people crammed in that narrow space than could reasonably be expected to escape unscathed in a panic. It's a potential deathtrap, that I'm sure of.
During an Intermission, people aren't leaving the building. Intermission is very different from an orderly evacuation. Nobody is going to be hanging around, waiting on line for a beer.

Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Agreed. My gripes with the new lay-out are the seats themselves, very cramped. Seats in the upper bowl are lower to the floor than the old 400s and the top of the seat in front of you is too high. I am 6'2" and my knees bang against the seat in front of me. Upper concourse during intermission is a disaster, like Times Square on New Year's Eve. I emailed my rep about it last season and she said they think it would settle down after a few games. That people just wanted to walk around and see everything and once they did, there would be less people in the concourses. They were wrong. Finally, it is impossible for people to get to their seats after a whistle before the drop of the next puck. In the old 400s, it was very simple to stand at the top and when the whistle blew to get back to your seats. Now, can't be done unless it is a tv time-out.
I once had to wait TWO TV time-outs to get back to my seat, because there were so many people waiting to get back to their seats and to compound the problem, people leaving at the same time. The portals are too small.

Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
I think both these statements are true. The renovated garden will comply with the fire code for number of exits per occupancy, width of hallways, sprinklers, etc...

But also, if there were a large fire you would have a major stampede and it would be difficult for the people in the middle of the 200's to get out quickly. I think people would be able to get out, but there would be a lot of broken bones & bruised / traumatized people
To have a large fire, you are going to need fuel, and a lot of it concentrated. I am certain the seats are made of new-age asbestos-like material. Everything else is steel, concrete, and glass. You can have an electrical fire, but again, it won't be an inferno. The biggest risk is in the kitchens.

Panic would be the primary cause of death if there ever were a large fire in the garden.


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