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10-07-2013, 11:29 AM
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Another guy in a similar mound (defensively extremely responsible, can chip in a decent amount of points, extremely classy guy, bangs on the boards, great board play, great PKer, good locker room presence.) I would look at is David Moss.

IMO one of the more underrated wingers in the NHL.

He won't bring as much offence as Glencross, maybe ~35 points. (but tbf if Glencross is on our 3rd not getting 2 mins PP a night he aint getting the 45-50 points he usually does.) He did play top line in Calgary for a while though, and can play in all three forward positions.

But he is about equal defensively, very consistent, and a better PKer tha Glencross (though tbh we have a lot already.) He has shown on two teams that he plays great D while putting up some points, so he can adjust. He did play with Boyd Gordon last year though... which will have helped his defensive numbers.

He is on half a mill less than Glencross as well, is more used to playing an exclusively defensive roll, with awful zone starts (~40% O zone) so would be happier playing on the 3rd line, I imagine Glencross would take more persuading.

Pretty much exactly what our third line needs.

Downside is he is Phil Kessels cousin. ;p And his injury history.

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