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Originally Posted by Mehar View Post
Guys sorry for my ignorance- but from the outside looking in why was Peter fired after only 3 games, when you could have fired him in the off-season and had a bigger pool of more qualified coaches than Berube to choose from? It is only the first week of a season, and why not make the move after assessing the team play after 10-15 games?
Whether the perspective of failure falls on coaches, players, management or a combination, the ultimate reason is a lack of cohesion and lackluster play something that manifested in a terrible preseason. The exhibition games generally serve a universal purpose but what transpired early in the regular season, in at least the last two games, was visible in the preseason. The availability of other coaches isn't likely going to change from today to a 10-15 game window in the future; however, the fortunes of the team could be moribund at that stage if the two road efforts were representative of the course.

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