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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
How you handle Colorado and Roy the next time we play them.

Either way, road or home, you find two of the biggest nastiest fighters in the AHL and acquire them. ECHL would be fine too. At home, first time Downie hits the ice, you send one out to kick his butt. If he chooses to skate away, first goon says, that's fine, you just made it open season on all your star players. Next shift, send goon number 2 out and let him play havoc with their stars on the ice. Hit them and hit them often. Put goon 1 out again and let him do the same thing, obliterate their star players on the ice. Legally of course. Downie is then in a tight spot, either fight or have his teammates ticked off at him for starting this war.

On the road, start with a goon and see how Roy and his little grin take it. If he chooses not to put Downie out on the ice, it's open season on their star players.

Downie and Roy both would have the chance to decide how they want this to play out. If Downie answers the bell, great, fight, get it over with and move on. If he decides to skate away or Roy chooses not to answer, then it's open season. They started with the illegal hit, we are saying it's not ok, your move.

Like Trig said, an eye for an eye.
You know, I usually find this path of gamesmanship silly, but I am buying it this time. Not because I think Downie's hit was SO awful, and not just because Josi is out, but because I think that our team needs something to galvanize it. We're playing okay, the effort is definitely there, but anything, I do mean anything, that will speed up the gelling process is a win in my book.

Think of Weber's huge hit on the Blues' forward on that first shift, just seconds after the first tv timeout ovation. Set the tone for the rest of our season.

Personally, I like where our team/season is headed, I just think we need to get there a bit sooner rather than later, and solidifying the boys with a good old fashioned rumble might be just the thing.

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