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10-07-2013, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
I didn't read the whole thread to see if this has been mentioned before, but that's ok because what I'm about to say can't be said enough:

Our Power Play Sucks.


I watch alot of hockey - I have the CI free preview and all my football teams stink this year. Aside from a lone bright spot 2 years ago - I cannot remember a year in and year out worse power play from anyone in the league - even the dregs of the league like the Thrashers/Peg, Panthers, Flames, etc.

We can't even set up the puck for most of that offensive black hole of two minutes, much less generate any offensive pressure.

If we get a power play, we should probably have one of our goons just trip the next opposing player he sees, as we seem to be better at 4 on 4 than on the PP.
Game 1: I would've absolutely agreed with you 100%. At the end I was yelling at my TV because I was so frustrated by the failing set-up.

Game 2: Meh, I think the absolute biggest flaw is that we can't seem to keep the puck in on the first puck drop and then we can't re-enter the zone cleanly anymore. Seriously, EVERY TIME they either dump and lose it or ... okay and this pisses me off so much ... or either someone skates into the zone (YAY!) only to give a drop-pass towards the line AAAAAAAND IT'S GONE. FFS.

But really I seem more mad than I actually am. If we manage to get the puck in cleaner I think the power play will be much improved. We seemed to be able to keep the puck in once we were set up completely. It's the set-up that's taking way too long.

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