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10-07-2013, 02:17 PM
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bit of a rant here so bear with me.

I have no issues with guys not making the NHL team because he didn't do enough to warrant a spot. Kreider as much as I pump him up, dodn't earn a spot on the NHL roster and as such was sent down.

Kreider is a big part of the Rangers future and they want him to develope properly.

I have NO FAITH in this organizations ability to identify talent and LESS FAITH in their ability to develope and mold that talent into productive NHL'ers.

There is NO ORGANIZATIONAL FUTURE for Darrol friggin Powe on the NHL Roster. Why on earth does he get a spot over MSC. The AHL is a DEVELOPMENTAL LEAGUE meant to house those that are not quite good enough for the NHL but to old for Junior Hockey.

MSC should not be wasting his time or effort in the ECHL. Yes he has warts in his game. that is the reason he is in the minors. To be developed by the guys at the AHL level.

The Rangers have been greatly aided by guys that didn't need much developmeent or tutoring. They are **** poor at taking a player that needs work, such as an MSC and bringing him along and teaching him. The ECHL is a garbage league and tearing up that league means jack ****.

He's an offensive player, work with him with that understanding and teach him to be a somewhat responsible player defensively while allowing the offensive aspect of his game to blossom.

He should not have been sent to the ECHL, seems like the easy way out of a teaching situation.

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