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Originally Posted by TwoPadStack View Post
...and the Avalanche will just let Downie get jumped by himself? No, the Predators would be answering to Patrick Bordeleau, first and foremost, and then the likes of McLeod, Wilson, etc. with Downie in the mix. That's just the way it works. The guy suggesting calling up some real enforcers is on the money.
this is a joke. in no way am i afraid to put Nystrom, Goose, Hendricks, and Clune out there with Mcleod, Boredelau and these others you mentioned. Downie would get it handed to him by Clune, so can McLeod (again...), and as well Nystrom can swing with Bordeleau and I'd take Hendricks to win one too.

My point is, no one on this Avs roster scares any Predator and nor should they. This is where a Stortini call up comes in play for the goon references but anyway I say yes to a potenital brawl with Colorado. Roy has already made it clear that he's an arrogant ***hole that doesn't care to be blatantly obvious about it. If he doesn't want more cheap shots handed out on Colorado's prized possession MacKinnon than he needs to wipe the smirk off his face after a cheap shot to one of our guys. If they want a division rivalry then we'll give it back and Mac, Landeskog and Duchene should all put extra padding on their knees and keep their head up. The Goose is going hunting and so should the rest of the millions we spent on #24 and #26.

“I take issue with that,” Predators forward Paul Gaustad said. “He’s one of those players who looks for the crowd to cheer him on or something like that. I don’t know … it was a dumb hit and we know who did it. We play these guys several times this year.”

^^Goose in Tennessean

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