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I'll never forget a moment in this org that was indelible confusion. They hired some lame act, other than the Vanilla Ice moment, and advertised pregame that admission ticket would get you in to see the band in concert at halftime and post show cabaret. This was followed by an announcement at the game that the cost of the postshow was 25bucks, no mention of complimentary admission with Esks ticket. For clarity this was voiced 3 times during the football game just so there was no mistake. It was announced that people could buy tickets to the postshow at kiosks. Not surprisingly nobody bought tickets.

This was followed by droves of people leaving game(a loss, what else) and immediately storming to the park n ride. This was followed by anybody even remotely affiliated with the Esks org pounding the pavement trying to beg people to go to the cabaret. (I wish I was making this up) which was now free to anybody, not 25bucks, not ticket required. If you happened to be walking along with a brown bag in hand you could now go to the cabaret.
I finally heard things like a free drink if you went to the cabaret. WE went to see just for a lark, because this hilarity was too good to pass up, and maybe 200 people showed up for the thing. I think everybody there was related to the cheerleaders attending. They were expecting thousands. We got our free drink and left. Whatever band it was hadn't even started playing.

I remember posting about this in that years thread because it was so amazingly amusing and befitting the confusion of the whole org. When you see something run that way you realize that the eskimos org dropped 100's of miles south of even Northlands. You don't wonder at that point how come the football club on the field is so bad. You wonder who opens the doors at commonwealth and turns on the lights.

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