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10-07-2013, 03:28 PM
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I think Glencross is a luxury tbh for a third line... a very good luxury, but he is really a 2nd/3rd liner who gets a lot of PP time that help his points. He would produce far less points on our 3rd than he does atm, get little PP time... and little PK time, he is not an amazing PKer. He also seemingly wants to be in Calgary, and doubt he wants to go from a 2nd line PP guy to a 3rd liner.

You could go out and get 5 guys who would be able to play the same role on our 3LW, for possibly cheaper, with a similar or smaller hit, and who have been playing that role more consistently, and are better on the PK... and can slide up to 2nd line if needed.

If it was me I would look at guys like:

David Moss: C/W, 6'3, 200lbs, 31 years old:
~30-35 points, great guy, PK's well, defensively great. - = injury concern. + FA after year. $2.1m

Lauri Korpikoski: C/W, 6'1, 195lbs, 27 years old:
~30-40 points, versatile as hell, great PKer, great hands... can definitely play up the lineup as well, has some great skill at times. I think he is the safest bet on this list. $2.5m

Mark Letestu: C/W, 5'11, 195lbs, 28 years old:
~35-40 points, not as good defensively as previous two, but maybe better offensively, and is a good PKer, can play up the lineup if needed. Would probably cost a bit. He somehow signed for a stupidly low figure. $1.25m

Sean Bergenheim: W, 5'10, 205lbs, 29 years old:
~30-35 points, good defensively, and has been on three teams, decent PKer has ability to move up lineup, as he showed in Tampa. -/+ = the guy has been out for a while and value could be low... he could also not be the same player any more, biiiiig risk, but great rewards, maybe could be on the cheap. $2.75m

Rob Klinkhammer: W, 6'3, 210lbs, 27 years old:
? ~20-35 points, would be someone I would look closely at as well, in limited time in Phoenix he has looked a stellar third liner... the problem with Phoenix is last year Moss-Gordon-Klinkhammer played together, and Moss and Gordon are known defensively good guys who can pop in points... so were they simply carrying Klinkhammer? He could be a great NHL third liner for the next 5 years plus... he has all the tools, and is a great PKer, seems very defensively responsible. He may cost, Phoenix seem to love him. $625k

IMO these guys are pretty perfect 3W... the kind of players who work hard, can get points without extensive PP time, are defensively responsible and go about their business with little fuss. Ofc some of these may cost more, and some less, but these are better fits IMO.

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