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11-30-2006, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by trueblueinboston View Post
You also gotta remember that you're not in the NHL. Neither are the refs.

In your situation, where you are obviously much better than the competition, you are never going to get the benifit of the doubt. ESPECIALLY in a beginner's league. Not to say that you are sandbagging, or your reasons for playing are not valid, but I would suggest not taking over the show. When I play a level or 2 down, I always sit back and play D, and not pull anything fancy over 40 year olds who are just strapping on skates for the first time. It doesn't benifit me, or anyone else to score 8 goals on a goalie who just started! When I ref these games and go back and look at the calls I made, they're always on the better skaters. I don't set out to do that...hell, I can't even remember specific penalties from game to game...but that's just kinda how it goes.
Well I am a forward, always have been and in this league I'm playing D. And technically under their rules I am a beginner. This is my second full year of playing (I played a year in another city and then I had just strapped on my skates) hockey.

I don't care what calls he makes on our team, Im just sick of getting manhandled by teams that are WAY better than our team (last year they were a tier 1 team but dropped to this league because of lower fees). There is one girl besides me that can keep up to that team, other than that we lose about 10-0. They lean on us, take liberties with our goalie and weaker players and when I even get NEAR one of them I get called.

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