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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
But your entire post is misleading. Since 2010-2011 season, which was about 167 regular season games, Price stats were not less than stellar, in fact over 167 games in two and 2/3rd of season Price's SV% was .920%.

920% is not less than stellar. It's a number one goaltenders numbers. In fact, your whole less than stellar argument comes down to 8 ****ing games, from the day Emelin got hurt.

8 games represent 5 % of the 167 games he's played since 2010. Essentially you are using the performance over 5% of those games to trash on Price. Not only that, but there is strong date to suggest that the poor performance over those 8 games isn't the result of an individual meltdown.

Only 9 goalkeepers in 2011-2012 who played more than 30 games posted higher than a .920SV%.
Only 10 goalkeepers in 2010-2011 who played more than 30 games posted higher than a .920SV% (Price was one of those goalies).
Only 11 keeprs in 2012-2013 who played more than 20 games posted a higher than a 920SV%
It's no accident that you've decided to present numbers starting in 2010. IMO that's part of what's worrisome: that Price was so good in 2010-11, that his results have dropped off so much since. I want to believe that, yeah, 26 is not all that old for a goalie, that there's plenty of potential for improvement. The fact that he hit a peak 3 seasons ago and hasn't been as good since doesn't seem to support that optimism.

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