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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Again misleading...

-Yes Price posted a .923SV% on a 6th place team in 2010.

-He then posted a 916SV% on a last place team in 2011...are you really ready to blame his SV% only his individual performance alone? 916SV% is pretty impressive for a goaltender who played behind a defense consisting of Subban, Gill (who was later traded), Gorges, Kaberle, Weber, a young Emelin and a young Diaz, two d-men who hadn't played a single game on NA ice until that year

-Then he posted a 916SV% in 30 games until Emelin got hurt last season. Now you'll say that this is proof that he has been average. However, like you said about 2010 being the outlier bringing all his stats up, two back-to-back games in March last season where the Habs let in 13 goals brought his SV% down by .008, which is significant. Without those 2 games, Price had posted a .924SV% in 28 of the 30 games that Emelin got injured.

Now if you maintain your argument about 2010 being the outlier and skewing the stats, then you have you admit that those 2 games skew the stats until Price's 8 bad game stretch. If you do, then you see that .924 is not less than stellar, it's actually very good and just a little higher than the average SV% he put over 167 games until Emelin got hurt.

Now if you're not willing to allow the removal of 2 games, then I don't see why we shouldn't take into account the 2010 season. When you do, you realize that a .920Sv% over the last 167 games until Emelin got hurt, which is when Price's "meltdown" began, is not less than stellar.

The fact is people are using 8 games to crap on Price, which says more of his detractors than it does of Price.
I'm not calling 2010-11 an outlier that distorts numbers. I really do think Price was that good. By eye, my memory of watching his games that season would fit with those numbers. He hasn't been as good and as consistent since.

I'm sure you can see the difference between looking for trends and handpicking the games you don't like.

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