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Originally Posted by Cabwaylingo View Post
Speakin' of guitars, I'm lookin' for a new bass. There's way too many out there. I kinda wanna get a Univox but those have gone way up, kind of like the Peavey T-40's have. Had no idea you were a luthier Tonelli thats rad...
Yeah I'm not much of a bass player but I bought a BC Rich Mockinbird bass about a year ago. I bought it because I wanted a bass and I got it for $150 and the thing is neck through construction but it has active pickups which I'm not a huge fan of. Definitely a full on metal guitar!

Re: Peavey guitars, I used to have a USA made peavey predator. It was actually my first guitar and I gave it away. Those things actually sell for a few hundred bucks these days.

Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
We are kindred spirits Buddy. The only thing I would add is family.

I used to be an advisor on the old Harmony site but they sure ruined things when they changed up. I was exactly the same way you were when it comes to working with my hands but then I spent a few months with Denny Zager and his family and he forced me to learn how to do a proper set up on a guitar. It took me a long time to get it (pitch sustain and balance married to the ease of playability is the key to a great guitar is what Denny used to say to me a million times a day).

Once I did the instrument just sort of opened up to me and I asked for a hand on building one. It took several attempts to get a good one and even then Denny made me french polish the dang thing so it took forever to finish.

That was decades ago and I have built a bunch of guitars since then. If you ever want to really try your hand at it for cheap I know of a couple of kit makes that are solid and you end up with a great guitar when your done.

Do you play acoustic or electric more often?

Favorite guitar(s)?

I play everything with strings on it or at least everything I play that has strings on it sounds pretty much the same. Average with fleeting moments of slightly above average only to return right back to average.

Other then my own I love everything. I have my favorite builders but I have several post war Japanese clone models that were hand built by the best and I love them. I have a bunch of old Gibson and Martin guitars but I don't play the all too often. For the last few years I have been building and playing Irish Bouzuki's.

Oh well back to work.
I've tried my hands at a few mod projects. I suck with a soldering iron to start with. I don't even want to start with the wood. I think I could really benefit from some hands on training like you had. That is the only way I learn to do things. It is how I learned to play guitar and hockey. The better players I played with, the more I would just learn by osmosis. It is silly but you tube videos help my playing immensely because I can actually see what the player is doing with their hands when I always feel like I should be listening. And maybe I should but I guess I'm a visual person playing an instrument that makes sounds, not pictures.

I might try my hand at building something eventually but the last year I've kinda backed of the guitar craze and just play what I have. I'll definitely seek advice from you if i ever cross that bridge again.

I'd say I play electric more than acoustic over the course of my life. That being said, about a year ago I bought cheap Ibanez acoustic that is all solid wood and really sounds good for the money I spent. I decided to drop the pick and start trying to finger pick. The acoustic is nice because you can just pick it up and play. There are no knobs to turn or buttons to switch which is really nice. The sound of the guitar is what your hands make it sound like, not a bunch of circuits and wizardry behind the scenes. Although, I do love electrics and caught the effects bug a few years ago. I ended up ditching all my stomp boxes in favor of a Line 6 M-13. The lone pedal I have now is a Boss PS-3 because I love the band Cave In so much and that is used on most of their non-metal records.

Favorite guitars? Well, I'm a big Gibson fan with electrics. I love the sound of the Les Paul and I have a few of those but they are heavy and the higher frets are hard to get to because the heal is so big. I sold a few guitars last year and bought the 2013 SG Standard in Natural Burst and I abosolutely love it. I have an early 90's MIM Strat that I bought brand new and I keep for nostalgic reasons. I also upgraded all of the electronics and put in Fender SCN pickpups. I do love the sound of that but the 25.5" scale on the top two Fender models isn't very conducive to my short fat fingers. I also have an Aglie 3100 LP copy that might be my favorite guitar. I bought it used so I'm not sure of the exact specs on it but I believe it is the thinner neck model. The thing feels better and thinner than the 60's Necks on all of my Gibsons. I learned about those from HCEG board. I've only bought one of those but I do think they are great bang for the buck guitars.

I think I'm about to purge most of my guitars and keep only a few. Right now I have '03 Gibson LP Standard Vintage Burst, 2011 Gibson LP Tribute Gold Top with P-90's, 2013 Gibson SG Standard Natural Burst, 1994 MIM Fender Strat, Agile 3100, Squier Jaguar (bought this to try the 24" scale), Gibson Explorer Melody Maker, First Act Delia (got this for peanuts and I really like it), Ibanez AW3000 Acoustic, Tele partscaster w/ 24 3/4" all parts neck (this was my failed attempt at a build) and BC Rich Mockingbird bass.

Finally, my favorite amp will be gone this weekend. I'm selling my Mesa Dual Rectifier. It is one of the first 300 made and a few years ago was highly sought after. I should have sold it then but I just couldn't part with it. I have no use for it anymore so I decided to get rid of it. I'll be left with a Kustom V100 that I bought on clearance from Musicians Friend. That is my gear list. Way too much crap for what is now a bedroom player.

Originally Posted by Legionnaire View Post
You were on HC and left like me too then? That is crazy. Amps and Fx were some characters for sure, but I ended up posting in OJ because those guys were so funny. Not really a surprise there, is it?
Dude, that amps forum was ridiculous!

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