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Originally Posted by Harleydude666 View Post
I don't think, I know
But let's keep it to hockey, didn't really want to start a whole thread about it, let's move on
I know a lot of people my age, and older, who act like entitled kids. Something I've learned from posting on these boards is, sometimes the 'kids' are often times more mature than the 'adults'. Respect should go both ways.

I don't feel like an 18 year old kids opinion is less meaningful than mine, despite me being a fan of the game for decades and decades.

Messier has a large gathering of imbeciles. Foolish people who think he's literally, some sort of savior who will lead us to the promise land, over and over again. As amazing as his career was here, he didn't prove he was ready for a HC position because he didn't work his way up the same food chain other hockey player turned coaches have.

We shouldn't have to hand him the keys to our organization on faith alone. Despite what he helped our team accomplish in '94.

He wanted the HC position. He didn't get it. He's moved on to do something else. There's no drama. **** happens. It doesn't mean Messier can **** off. It doesn't mean the franchise shafted him either.

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