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10-07-2013, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by KesselBuiltMyHotrod View Post
There's a reason JVC Kaboombox was the Attitude Era's biggest sponsor.
That, and Stacker 2, and Lugz, and that energy drink X-Pac endorsed for whatever reason. Yep, people don't think about things like that.

Only reason content was edgier was because it had to be to stay alive. It's why Bischoff was able to make WCW a legitimate contender in such short time, he knew WWE wasn't targeting the right demographics with content and he took advantage. It's not like he invented the wheel and the WWF never thought about that sort of thing, McMahon simply went for the more family friendly content to make more money. He only became edgier when he had to and toned it down when he didn't.

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