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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Sheldon Richardson.

Look at these Jet fans complaining about the Richardson selection. Most of them are still crying over Revis.

Besides Wilkerson,Richardson is their best player on D.

Warren Sapp type of player.
I'm still frustrated about losing Revis and my aggravation is compounded by Millner being bad so far (but he's just a rookie so we'll see). G would look much better with Chance Woraomock in there somewhere. I was also really hoping to take Star for the Dline so I had the right position but the wrong guy. Not that Star sucks but Richardson reminds me of Jenkinson. He's just a dominating monstrous force. Wilkerson is too. It's such a pleasure watching Jets games just to see the front 7 beat the **** out of teams. The RG and RT for ATlanta got absolutely abused

I'm still confused why the jets cut the guy who played LG all preseason for them. I heard he actually looked good and I guess the problem is that's not what they were going for at LG.

This game was the absolute best possible response Geno Smith could have had. He still ran right into a blitz or two and he slid 2 yards too early but clearly it's showing he learned from that mid field slow down debacle he pulled and when you have questions about a QB's head you want to see him starting to learn. Hopefully he was just EXTREMELY overwhelmed by the transition and this caused some of these all world stupid plays he was making. The team's number 1 priority imo is the offensive line. It HAS to provide Smith time and protection moreso than what it's doing bc he will make plays that S***chez couldn't. They've been running much much better and the pass blocking is also better but the pass blocking still requires improvement.

The number 2 priority is DB. Millner will hopefully grow into the role and fill this spot but if he doesn't I think Cromartie is going to fall off within two years and they will be in deep trouble in the D backfield. So they better train Millner right.

Number 3 comes as a shock to no one. Clyde Gates should never touch the field as a WR. Get some halfway decent WR please

S***chez had a tendency to appear scared or intimidated but I've never seen this from Smith. I've seen the opposite he looks like he gets pissed off and more focused which I love. Let's see what happens the rest of the season he could easily go right back to being a bonehead but so far it seems he's on and off. He'll have 1 awesome half and 1 dumbo half. 1 awesome game, 1 dumbo game. Big shock that a rookie is inconsistent.

I was impressed with Walls yesterday. He looks like he's starting to gain confidence in himself. But half the WR's for Atlanta were injured so I don't want to get too excited.

There is no excuse for the D getting run out of the building in the 4th like that. It was enraging. The officiating is also horrendous. Julio Jones catch was so awesome.

I love Bilial Powell. He reminds of Curtis Martin in the way he slips through holes, past defenders and does it while looking like he's just gliding out there. Ivory and Goodson have really good burst and speed. Ivory also runs extremely hard. He just needs to stay on the field. But I see the genesis of a 2 headed monster at RB there. I was discussing with someone how the Jets have rarely been using the RB as a check down option recently. I attribute this partially to S***chez not knowing where his check down even is and the O line getting tooled the last few years. I felt like Smith started to use Powell a few times.

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