Thread: News Article: Flyers Need New Perspective
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10-08-2013, 09:56 AM
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I didnt like this article nor the way he asked the question yesterday. He sounded like he purposely tried to anger Ed Snider and I'm glad Snider had the reaction he did. Not that I always agree with Ed Snider

I'm all for the flyers doing a rebuild at some point but is the rest of the flyers fan base? Absolutely not! Every time the team goes into a bad losing streak or a streak of inconsistent play, both the fans and the media go into an uproar on why the coach should be fired and why certain players should be traded. The best part is, when they finally make that decision to shake up some things, there is another uproar on why they made the decisions that they did. The media here contradicts themselves to no end.

He brings up a point about the Blackhawks missing 9 playoff appearances in 10 years. LOL everyone here knows what would be going on around Philadelphia with the fans and media if something like that we're to happen. It would be absolute chaos.

"none of those coaches has had the necessary power to take the Flyers in a different direction." This is another quote that I don't agree with. Look at the system changes over the years - Nielsen, Hitch, Stevens and Laviolette all had different approaches to the game. Albeit some of them were similar but they weren't the same.

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