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10-08-2013, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by newerabegins View Post
Went up to 65 lbs on each side today. I'm kinda surprised how easily I'm upping the weights every time I squat. Gonna try doing 70 pounds next time(plate + 25 on each side).

Season is gonna start full force in a week or two though. I'm guessing when that happens I'll have to limit squatting to once a week? And the furthest possible from a game... I'm thinking of doing it two days before a practice, or a day before depending on how much free time I have. I wanna get to squatting 2 plates on each side before I take a break from squatting(if I do... don't really want to).

I feel like when I start doing 2 plates, my explosiveness will be much much better. Remains to be seen, it's what I'm hoping for that's for sure. If I get that extra gear(I'm flirting with it I think for now), my game will be really different.

Should I start leg pressing any time soon? Like that I have 2 exercises for legs... Let's say when I get to doing 2 plates squatting on each side, should I start adding leg press? I already feel less sore than when I first started out, despite lifting much heavier weights. That's normal though I guess.
Didn't read back through this thread to see if it's been mentioned, but box jumps are excellent for developing explosiveness.

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