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10-08-2013, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
As usual, journalists fail to look at the economic aspect of what they speak. It is easy to say rebuild patiently, look how great Pittsburgh and Chicago are now. The problem with that is neither of those teams have 18,000 season ticket holders not willing to continue to pay thousands of dollars to watch a continued suckfest. The Blackhawks were so far off the radar in Chicago it is incomprehensible here, as the teams home games were actually blacked out in the city to get fans to show up. Pittsburgh was bankrupt and was about to move, with the city's white knight threatening to move to Kansas City unless he got paid. The team has had the best player of each of the past 3 generations and still couldn't sell out consistently and had their new building built with state tax money, not privately like Snider did. Hockey is not the NFL. It is a gate driven business. People won't still show up just to boo like the eagles. The Flyers run there franchise to appease the bulk of their fans and it works. The local radio commentators actual mock flyers fans for being too positive and not bashing the franchise continually like eagles, phillies, and the whatever sixers fans are left. You want to see the long term consequences of a long rebuild and tanking mentality, look at the sixers attendance this year.
Great post. Another point on economics, the Blackhawks were so bad during those times that the owner didn't even want the games televised in Chicago. He wanted people to go to the games instead and that didn't work to well for him

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