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Originally Posted by Philadelphia Ducks View Post
First Annual Flyers' Prediction Challenge.

1. Predict the winner of the game and the final score (1 point for correct winner, 2 points for correct score but wrong winner, 4 points for correct winner and correct score).
2. Predict who will score the first Flyers' goal of the game [in case of shutouts we are all losers, and in case of scoreless shootouts the first Flyer to score in the shootout will count] (3 points).
3. If all three predictions are right you will get 8 points instead of 7, also known as the Grand Salami.
4. All predictions are FINAL. No edits or your prediction will not count.
5. PLEASE don't post anything in this thread other than your prediction until after the game is over (way easier for me to tally up predictions).
6. Once the puck is dropped, no more predictions will be accepted.
7. If I ever miscount your score or overlook it please PM me (I might not see your post in this thread).

I will be putting up new prediction threads about 48 hours before game time.

At the end of the season whoever accumulates the most points is the winner and they will win absolutely nothing but recognition from their fellow Flyers fans.

Special thanks to *Hatterson* for all the help. And all credit for this game goes to *Hatterson* and *Augustus*
5-1 Flyers

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