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Craig Berube draws influence from Darryl Sutter

Cup please?

Every athlete who eventually becomes a professional coach, no matter the sport, has been influenced by someone who preceded them and, most likely, someone who coached them.

Mike Keenan, Terry Murray, John Paddock -- even Paul Holmgren -- all coached Craig Berube somewhere along the line during his three decades in hockey.

Yet there is one coach who Berube says opened his eyes. One coach whose style, he felt, was something to emulate behind the bench: Darryl Sutter

...Berube says he’s going to backtrack from Peter Laviolette’s “attack style” to one that is more suited for the personnel at hand.

“We’re going to make some changes,” Berube said. “Every coach coaches differently. I’m going to have my own style, my own way. It doesn’t make it any better than anybody else’s. It’s just what I believe, and how I want our team to play.”

What he wants the Flyers to do is become more active on their skates when they don’t have the puck. Initiate, not react. Get the puck back, create offense off defense. Put yourself in position to defend, then force the issue for a one-on-one battle for the puck.

Defense creates turnovers, creates offense. That was the philosophy of Ken Hitchcock as well, when he coached the Flyers.

Berube also wants his players to police themselves on the ice.

“You’re only accountable to your teammates, in my opinion,” Berube said. “This guy is sitting beside you. You want to let him down? You want to play like that and let him down? It’s unacceptable.”

oh and this..right on!

Flyers fans are exasperated that their last championship came 38 years ago. Many of those same fans weren’t even born when the Flyers won their second Cup in 1975 against Buffalo.

“They definitely want to win here,” Berube said. “I think the fans just want hard work, and they want players that are competitive and give you everything they’ve got. That’s what the fans really look for here.

“They’ve always been like that. Everybody wants to win. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I think the fans just want hard work and competitive people, a good team game. That’s what we want.”

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