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10-08-2013, 06:13 PM
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Just how long or short are tackla 9000s

Im shopping for new pants. I currently use ccms. No idea about the model number.

Im looking to upgrade my pants. Having read this forum i see that ccms tend to run shorter. Which makes sense that im currently using ccms.

Im 5'4" 30-31 inch waist and the stealth rs2 felt a tad long in the small.

I can go try on ccms at my lhs but cant really try the tacklas.

Also i found on this forum that a 46 tackla would be 26 inches long. I think they said 50 and 48 were 28 and 27 inches long with an inch difference between waist sizes.

What i wish i could find is the inseam length. I can probably order the tacklas and return it if the length isnt right. Im thinking -2 inches on a 46.

Lol i should pm this to aireaye since hes the one that mentioned ccms run shorter and he really likes the tacklas. But anytime i search for hockey pants for short players i usually get hockey pants for taller players.

Reason for upgrade is i play in a non check league but i seem to have a target on me. Im a clean player and i always try to backcheck. No matter what league i play in i tend to draw tons of penalties. I also like blocking slapshots. Gotta upgrade my helmet too but i can easily try those on at the lhs.

So would ordering a -2 46 tackla be a good idea or go for ccms since i can try those on.

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