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Originally Posted by GeoStride87 View Post
Not sure if this warrants a new thread, but thought I'd share. A buddy texted me this morning and said that he called the saddledome, and was told we could get in to see the Habs practice. It was pretty cool, we went and saw the entire practice, Marc Bergevin wasn't sitting too far behind, and we ended up getting autographs as they came off the ice and then again before they boarded their bus.

A few notables :

- I asked patches if he was playing tonight,....he looked at me funny and said, nope, not playing tonight. Then I realized the game's tomorrow LOL, asked if it was a game time decision and he said yea.

- My buddy asked Chucky for a picture, he responded 'sure, it'll be 5 bucks' and laughed it off. stayed for a few pictures.

- My friends little brother knocked on the glass and asked gallagher for a puck, he flipped one over for him which was cool.

- Price didn't get on the team bus, and started walking the same direction my wife and I were walking (towards our car), so we chatted a bit. He said it was cool coming out west since he's got family in Alberta as well. I joked we could give him a ride to wherever he was going, he laughed and said he was headed to the Bass Pro Shop on the north end of Calgary. He also said he'd start tomorrow after I asked him..

- Got my jersey signed by most of the team, eller twice I think lol. Pictures with a few of them as well.

- Chatted with the 24CH camera crew, they asked us to say our names and that we acknowledged that we were filmed, although I dont think any of it will be used lol...

All in all, good day. Now I have to cram for a mid term tomorrow LOL

look like you had a lot of fun! go habs go

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