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12-01-2006, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by danno2530 View Post
Very true. Alot of arenas have about the same amount of events taking place as MSG...but alot of these arenas were built in the last decade. I think no matter what anyone says about MSG, considering it's age and maybe not counting the ice, it is one of the best well-kept arenas in North America.
I have to tell you that even with it's age I consider it to be amongst the best I've been in and worked in.

I think you'll see an improvement in the ice conditions when they build a new arena, but because of the activity in NY I don't think you'll ever see the best conditions.

As for the general approach of the NHL, they are in a tough position. Unless an arena is used only for hockey and other scattered events, it's VERY expensive to get good ice. As such hockey just isn't enough of a "big" item to warrant the expense.

The thing with hockey fans is that they are a double edged sword a lot of times.

They are die-hard to the bone and they are usually amongst the most knowledgeable in all sports.

The problem is that sometimes they are so die-hard that they don't understand that most people don't care about the sport and that it ranks behind pro beach volleyball and bowling in terms of attention paid to it.

The expense to get good ice in most North American cities just isn't worth the investment for a lot of these guys, because it is a VERY expensive process. Perhaps more than the average person really understands.

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