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10-09-2013, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Mikos87 View Post
SCF? What? Did you not see a bunch of journeymen and low compete players mail it in during game 3 of the season? What do you think is going to happen during meaningful minutes?
I'm sure our players are all more embarrassed after that game than you or any other fan is.

Alas, unlike some "true fans" here, I'm not ready to call the season over. Remember, even the 10-11 season, we started out on the road and came back 3-3-3 and we didn't even deserve those points - we played like absolute ****.

It'll take a bit of time to adjust to a new system. Players will have to learn that you can jump in, but that's not an excuse for forgetting how to play defense. I'd rather they get this wake up call now than in the middle of the season.

There were many points in the Kings game where we absolutely dominated them as badly as the Sharks dominated us last night. That game, in the end, is no more or less important than the LA game or the PHX game.

After that abortion of a game, I fully expect us to come out with a fire in our belly Thursday and play like we did with the Kings.

AV's teams are notoriously slow starters. If we end the season 50-25-7, nobody will remember this travesty except for the players, who'll do their best it never happens again. I'd like to be a fly on the wall in our locker room after the game. The way some of you talk, it's like you expect our team to be happy with the way they played. It's G3. Maybe let's not throw in the towel just yet.

To all you lovers of the 11-12 season, go back and look at some of the PGT's of the first few games of that season.

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