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10-09-2013, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
I really love it when fans from other teams offer to take salary from us as a favor to the payroll, because surely we wouldn't want to waste money. I think the Flyers heat their offices by burning cash, I doubt they care about payroll excess.

In other news, I hope nobody is melting down on Berube after one game. Yes, the Mez ice time was perplexing. But he also gave Couturier more time and used him in more offensive situations, and he looked better in this game than he has in the previous three.

It's just one game, and I have to think some of it was evaluation on his part...we will have to see what changes are made.

If Rosehill isn't benched that's a bad omen.
He wasn't really happy with Rosehill behind that dumbass penalty box detour. It wouldn't surprise me if he gets benched for a bit.

As far as the Mez thing goes. Defensively Mez hasn't been so good, but he gets himself in really good offensive position. There were many times watching that game last night where i saw Mez either skate in with plenty of room or have wide open shots on a pinch that he flubbed. He needs to quit skating behind the net and just pull the trigger on the shot when he has traffic in place and regain his support positioning. If he starts actually putting shots on net and making at least a quality scoring chance happen when the opportunity presents itself, i'll forgive some of his defensive mistakes. Overall his positioning is good, his stick work needs some help, and he needs to make better decisions when rushed. The forward support coming back will help as well.

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