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10-09-2013, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by JanErixon20 View Post
Is there a reason why Haley isn't on this team? I thought he looked good in preseason. He's willing to fight anyone and he's not a bad player. Is Asham that much better then him?

I know this is a minor move but I bet if Haley played last night, he's not going out there slashing someone on the wrist or dancing with them and getting four minutes.

I'm sure there will be the typical HF answers of, "who cares?" but I'd much rather him on that fourth line then Asham.
Look, I think you are right. Ie, there is no objective reasoning behind icing Asham over Haley. This is a pecking order thing.

I think we see situations like this every now and then, a player is on the verge of making it and the issue becomes about that player playing or not playing, and not whether who is the "best" player for a position. The player becomes a roadblock for others that could come from behind.

I was definitely one of the bigger fans of the Asham-signing. I always thought he did a great job against us and where a tough player to play against. But he just isn't as good now as he was when he was 30. The legs aren't quite there. The energy is lacking. Etc. I think we are doing our due diligence with him and letting him play himself out of the lineup to a larger extent than someone taking him over Haley.

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