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01-17-2004, 03:35 AM
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Originally Posted by jar jar links
This my fellow Rangers fans is a lie. Brooks is hiding behind the word sources. Who are the sources? They could be anybody. When Joe Lapointe, Arthur Staple, Bridget Wentworth, and John Dellapina have a rumor it tends to have a better chance of coming true.
NONE of those other writers you mention list sources. Chances are if said sources were to be named, then they would not be "sources" for long. And where here is Brooks lying? First of all, a move to sign Trevedosky or the others would be EXACTLY the type of move that Jackass has made since he got here (Gusarov, Mironov, etc..). Nowhere does Brooks say that any signing is emminent. Nor does he say that the Rangers WILL sign so and so. So please tell us where the "lie" is.

"What did Sather have to work with when he got here? "

The prospects were more heralded when he got here. Regardless of what they turned out like. At the time, they were thought to be top prospects. Now, who are the top prospects under Sather? Jessiman and Tyutin? Drafting them is an example of how Sather "rebuilt" the system? Guess that makes ANY GM who drafted in the first round last year and in the second round the previous year, an equal genius. Seriously, is EVERY GM that went to the draft last year, an example of one who is rebuilding his organization? Surely there has to be more to this rebuilding thing than just emerging from a draft w/ a draftpick. As Dedalus, myself, and others said, WHERE is an example of rebuilding? Who from the pipeline replaced de Vries? If Sather is such an architect, then surely there is someone who can at the very least be the equal of a Joel Bouchard or a Dale Purinton. And if Sather is such a builder, then surely we can have someone who can, at the very least, provide the same amount of goals that Hlavac has. What's that you say? I should look at the numbers that Jonasen is putting up in juniors? Newsflash: Daigle put up numbers in juniors. Junior 3's mean squat.
Glenjar, if Sather is such a builder, then why is Ortmeyer the only rookie to emerge during his tenure here? And let's face it. Ortmeyer is no Deadmarsh. Ortmeyer has a decent NHL future. On the 3rd line. He is a bigger version of Draper. And Murray, if we are lucky, will turn out to be a Darren Mcarty clone. So this is success? Assembling 2/3rds of our future Grind line? Way to go Sather.

"If we make the playoffs this season is a success."

Maybe it's just me, but one would think that the goal of a team w/ a payroll that is in the top 3 (or is it 2?) would be something more than the 8th spot of the playoffs. That a team that has had the highest payroll for the last 3 years to miss the playoffs each and every year is a direct inditement of Sather. How can you just keep overlooking this? Name just one successfull thing that has happened here since Jackass arrived. This is his 4th year and, up to now, the point total of the team decreased every year. And again, shouldn't a team with the top payroll have had some success just by accident by now?

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