Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers @ Sharks: The LOL Edition
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10-09-2013, 11:43 AM
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The problem is the same problem the rangers have had since befor Renney

Glen Sather has no ability to properly construct a hockey team.

Renney wanted to play an offensive style when he got here. For a time we did but the coach realized he didnt have the horses and resorted to a defense first try to win by a goal and have hank hold on

Torts came here under the same idea. Safe is death. I think that lasted a short while until Torts realized he didn't have the horses and chose to play a collapsing defense first system. They had some success with that system and Torts got the most out of the team that was constructed.

So instead of buying in to that system whole heartedly and going out and getting the missing parts for that system, Sather blew the team up and tried to change tactics midstream which threw everything in to disarray.

AV is here now with the lets play offense first. How long until he realizes he doesn't have the horses to play that way ? There is only 2 ways out of that. 1) trade some folks to try to bring in a horse or 2) play a defense first system to maximize what you have to work with

I think it is safe to say that with the way this team is constructed we will continue to be a 6-8 seed if we are lucky.

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