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10-09-2013, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by PK Pilot 76 View Post
This realistically cuts to the core of it. Unfortunately, if you're going to be brutally honest, it would be rebuild time and since Glennie boy isn't stepping down anytime soon, starting that process now would be for naught.
Certainly is a double-edged sword. There's no reason that Slats should be allowed to oversee another rebuld.

Originally Posted by PK Pilot 76 View Post
Truthfully, and not based off of just three games, NOR based off the fact that we had one deep playoff run, two years ago, does anyone really think this team is better than a 6th seed that has the guns to get by Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston or any of a handful of western teams? I'm not saying we're a bad team, but we're a team that's on the high end of mediocre without any serious impact prospects in the system. As currently constructed the roster doesn't have the upside to fly among the top of the league but will never be bad enough to draft inside the top 10.
That's my point.

Originally Posted by PK Pilot 76 View Post
The current "plan" can only keep us in a perpetual cycle of mediocrity.
And it's been this way, again, since 1997.

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