Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers @ Sharks: The LOL Edition
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10-09-2013, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by ponzu4u View Post
if any of you seriously think that adding Michael Haley is the solution to this team's problems... I just... I can't even...

I get that the name of this website is hockey's future, but the fact that any of you actually believe that calling up a bunch of mid-level prospects with little-to-absolutely no NHL experience (much less SUCCESS) will turn this team around is frightening.

It's the 3rd game of a season, with a new coach, a new system, several new players, and coming off a training camp where we didn't even ice close to our regular lineup until the final game. This team has been playing under Tort's system for many years, and doing it well. It's also a lineup of young kids who came up and learned how to play in the NHL under that system. It's going to suck but it's going to take legitimate time for this team to find it's BRAND NEW identity under AV.

Not to mention the Sharks won their previous games 4-1 and 4-1, and are consistently one of the best regular season and particularly early season teams in the NHL.

I know it sucks to watch your favorite team get killed, but please try and find a little perspective. Do any of you seriously think we would have had a chance at winning a cup if we had kept up the Torts legacy? The team is going in a new direction and these are unfortunately the growing pains of that process.
no one said it was THE solution.

I do stand by my belief that it is a START

He plays with the mind-set needed to be successful in the NHL. He may not have the talent to do what other players can do, but he's not going to sit back and let the other team dictate pace and tempo.

The mind-set and effort that he plays with is missing through alot of our team.

So no, he's not the solution, but he is a start

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