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10-09-2013, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
What's better...having one guy who's worth three players, or three players worth one guy? The only logical answer is the one guy worth three.
Obviously...but I don't think Richards is worth both (plus the pick). I think Simmonds and Schenn together bring more to the table than Richards alone and Richards alone brings less to the table than Simmonds and Schenn together.

With the one guy you can build around him, especially since over time the three players will likely cost more.
This is true, but building around a guy like Richards without having traded him for Schenn and Simmonds, it's hard to say just who would have been built around him. Would a set-up of G, Richards, Couturier down the middle look better than G-VL-Couturier? Would Laughton be in the mix? Who would be playing on the wings? Too many what ifs out there. Schenn and Simmonds bring more to the table than Richards does, and at a lower cost. Over time that cost might increase, but that can also be said about the guys with whom you are building around Richards.

When you have to combine the efforts of multiple players from two trades to say you've replaced one player, I can't see any way to say you've truly replaced him.
Two trades? Simmonds and Schenn were in the same deal. Simmonds + Schenn > Richards. That is what I am saying. Those two together bring more to the table than Richards.

Edit: Do you take Malkin at 100 points in a season? If you trade him for three 33 point players, would you really consider him replaced?
No, that isn't the same thing because Simmonds and Schenn aren't bring less to the table than Richards is bringing. Simmonds alone has scored more than Richards since the trade, Schenn has also been relatively productive. Both players bring the type of energy to the team that Ricahrds brought. Both players cost less than Richards (which is ever so important around here for every single issue ever...unless it doesn't go with your argument).

Would you trade Malkin at a 100 points per season for two players that score 80 points per season, have lower salaries, are younger, and bring similar styles of play to the ice? I know I would.

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