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10-09-2013, 12:23 PM
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Doesn't sound like a strength issue to me...sounds like balance. Can you stand on one leg in bare feet?

Practice definitely helps. What also helped me was visualizing balance and learning about center of gravity and the edges.

It's easier to balance when your knees are bent. If you have straight, stiff legs, you're probably bending forward at the waist and that makes it harder to balance.

You want the knees bent and the butt going back with your torso forward a bit. This is an exaggerated image, but look at the first person:

Notice that the center of gravity is in the middle of the foot, the butt is back, the knees are forward, pelvis is tilted so the torso leans forward slightly.

Now watch hockey players skate from the side...looks kinda similar!

The other thing is laterally, realize you're on one or two edges at a time ever. When you push off for a forward stride, you're pushing off the inside edge of one foot, then gliding on the inside edge of the other foot. That's good to practice right there.

Anyways, pick up the book Laura Stamm's Power Skating, it's going to describe all of that really well with a lot of drills and will be a good reference going forward.

Have fun!

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