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10-09-2013, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
If they're going to trade Lundqvist, they might as well tear the entire thing down.
Well, I'm on record as saying there is no way we should trade Hank no matter what happens here, and we need to make every possible effort to re-sign a contract that is NOT ridiculous in both salary and length.

That said, I don't quite agree with the sentiment that there is no way we can ever win anything without Henrik Lundqvist in net. Consider two things:

1. We have never won anything WITH Henrik Lundqvist in net. Five playoff series wins in eight seasons. That's it. None of those teams were great, but they all ranged from OK to pretty good. And we're 5-7 in playoff series during that period.

If Hank were to leave (which, again, I DO NOT want to happen), I refuse to believe there is no other goalie who can lead us to a mediocre five playoff series victories in the next eight seasons. The bar has not been set very high around here.

2. Other goalies NOT named Henrik Lundqvist have been winning Stanley Cups recently. While, again, I would make every possible effort to re-sign Hank, it's been proven you don't have to be Hank to win playoff series.

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