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Originally Posted by JaeTM View Post
Why is it that football players always seem to come back from concussions MUCH faster than hockey players? They supposedly passed the "test" and with the lawsuits the NFL has against former players, I doubt a player that had a concussion would be able to play with one in this day and age.

Yet, for some reason, you see a guy get a concussion in hockey and he's usually out weeks, months, or even worse, a Crosby or Savard type case. I realize concussions are always different in severity, but it seems that football players usually come back the following week or two (see Eddie Lacy).
probably cause the hockey players get hit on their unprotected chin/face, and more often than not, football players get concussions from "butting heads" type situations, where the helmets probably do take a lot of the blow away. You get nailed in the chin with a hard elbow or shoulder and you're done. Plus they have the cages in football, so they're never getting a shoulder pad into the bare face.

Also, probably the actual collisions in hockey are more violent than football. The footballs players have the mass, but the hockey players have the acceleration, so the force overall is prob greater in hockey. Add that to bare face, and there you go

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