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10-09-2013, 01:58 PM
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It's been 3 GAMES.

In those 3 GAMES, the Rangers were outplayed by the Coyotes and completely outclassed and embarrassed by the Sharks.

Despite posting solid numbers against the Kings, I agree, he didn't look 100%, BUT, again, he only let up one goal.

The Rangers lose that game against the Sharks 10 times out of 10 and get blown out in every instant. The game was embarrassing. Of the 4 goals Lundqvist gave up, you might be able to fault him for one! That was a game where men played boys, and it was apparent to everyone.

Lundqvist routinely struggles in October. This is nothing new. The fact that a thread had to be created called the "new" Lundqvist shows how ignorant the fan base is.

People are going to say it's his pads. And the new pad limitation would promote more goals going 5-hole. How many goals has Lundqvist given up 5-hole? Most of the goals have been on deflections or beat him up high. It has nothing to do with the pads. He simply just doesn't look comfortable yet.

And Lundqvist is exposed? It's laughable. Of course if you play in a new system, with worse defense, the goaltender will do worse. The Rangers defense has been laughably bad so far. Last year they were below average, Lundqvist found his game, and covered up the mess. We brought in a new coach to score more goals, and we're scoring the same number of goals, and our defense has worsened exponentially. It's not a surprise.

I even saw a poster in the game day thread claim Lundqvist was "just an above average goaltender" under Renney. Even though, Renney didn't implement a defense first system until his 3rd season here, the Rangers played mostly offense under Jagr's regime, and Lundqvist was a 3x Vezina Finalist and finished All Rookie team under Renney. But he was just an "above average goaltender."

I've never felt like our fan base was so ignorant.

By the way, based on this 3-4 game sample in the NHL right now, Fleury would be the frontrunner for the Vezina. How many of us would take Fleury over Lundqvist because of a 3 game sample?

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