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Originally Posted by Iron Duke View Post
Brian McBride is one of my favorite players of all time, which helped mold me choice of soccer teams, domestically and foreign, obviously.
Mine was by chance.Me and a friend needed a soccer team to root for so we decided to hold down a button on our PS3 controller for about 10 minutes while playing FIFA 09, and scroll through the Premier League teams and decided whoever we stopped on would be our team. We landed on Chelsea. Didn't feel right. We did it again and got Fulham. Random I know but that was the only way to settle it. Although, yes I do know about the legend of McBride at Fulham, and would love to go to a match there one day and eat and drink at McBride's Pub in the Cottage.

Originally Posted by Persona5 View Post
Miami Dolphins
Miami Heat
Florida Panthers

There will always be a place in my heart for the Panthers. I experienced my very first hockey game when they made the playoffs for the first time. Seeing the rats thrown on the ice and watching that game made me a fan for life.

I have followed the Heat since the days of Glenn Rice and Alonzo Morning. I'm not some bandwagon jumper with the way they have won the last two seasons.

The Predators and Titans however rank way up above in 1A & 1B.
Nice. I got to be an intern for the Panthers during the 2009-10 season. Had a blast. I'll always root for them on the side.

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