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12-01-2006, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
and like I said, am just mostly sticking to the original post of Straka and Prucha (so I ignore many of the real problems of this team).

I do somewhat agree on Immonen. I like him. I argued he should've gotten a shot last season and I was one of a few who thought he had a good preseason, albeit a slow first game, but good games to follow. Trying wouldn't hurt, but while I like him, I just think Shanny, etc., need someone with a bit more speed to play with them. I dunno, maybe Shanny can float his boat a bit higher and his game will elevate. I'm not against that, but part of my thinking is what's realistic, and swapping Straka and Prucha seems more realistic than calling up Immonen.
It may be the more realistic option, I agree, given the start he's had to this season. It may just so happen that we're left with no other alternative than to break up that line in order to give us more of a double threat. Prucha might receive a spark on that top line, and as long as Nylander-Jagr aren't separated you're probably preserving the bulk of the chemistry. And Straka's speed might benefit the Shanahan line.

I'm not going to make excuses for Immonen's first 10 AHL games or that horrible -14, but he's come on the last 10 games and I think he's got the tools and maturity level to play. He's 23, and if we don't even try the young center in our organization - who everyone pegged as a future 2nd liner - I think that is a terrible waste of an asset. This is the opportunity this kid needs: significant time in a sink or swim atmosphere.

And what if Immonen brings the spark to that second line that we're looking for, just as he did when he was called up last season, and gets Prucha's game going in the process? You've not only got your double-threat, but you've preserved your 1st line (as I've said many times, likely the best line in the league right now...).

Another thing about Immonen: He may not be as quick as Cullen, or Straka, but he's no slouch.

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